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Monday, 17 July 2017


Are you searching for BIM consulting solutions? Opt for BIM Consultants and get BIM Strategy formulation for enhancing business prospects. Whether you are looking for BIM consultants UK, BIM consultancy firm US or BIM consultancy services in Middle East & India, the top BIM Service provider can help you get the right BIM Implementation. Seeking BIM consulting services helps construction professionals to realize BIM benefits and reduce business cost for facility, campus & infrastructure projects.


•          BIM Execution Plan
•          BIM Strategy Formulation
•          IT Infrastructure Planning
•          Key Resource Hiring & Training
•          Template & Content Creation


•          3D visualization of building space
•          Improved constructability analysis
•          Detection & Resolution of Component Clashes
•          Quick Quantity Estimates/Material Take-Offs
•          Easy Implementation of Changes
•          Exploration of Design Options During Conceptual Stage
•          Facilities Management throughout Building Lifespan


1. Strategy Formulation – If you choose BIM Service providers for BIM Consulting, they will help you to embrace latest BIM technology. Using research and proficiency, BIM companies provide training services to organizations for adopting BIM processes in projects. Often, BIM strategy focuses on tangible & intangible staff training requirements.


•    Cost to benefit ratio of bim strategy implementation
•    Acquisition & incorporation of new software within existing systems
•    Incorporation of bim principles into existing work procedures

2. Template & Content Creation – Cost-effective method of content creation is also provided by BIM Consultancy firms. Experienced BIM consultants help to transform products & systems into fully parametric BIM objects through Revit.  Content creation in Revit software platform makes the products readily available to designers, implementing quick design change, facilitating easy scheduling, creating different views, aiding pre-fabrication & marketing. As a result of which, you can get accuracy with regard to specification, quantity and coordination.



Door Handles, Doors, Furniture, Furniture Systems, Lighting Fixtures


Air Handling Units, Boilers, Calorifier, Chilled Beams, Cooling Towers, De-Aerators, Dispersion Tube, Exhaust Utility Set, Expansion Vessels, Fan, Gas, Heat Exchangers & Coils, Line Clean Out, Micro turbines

Plumbing Fixture

Specialty Equipment, Walls, Windows

Template Creation serves as a starting point for new BIM projects, acting as pre-defined setting. It consists of preloaded families, views, settings, sheets, schedules & geometry required for new projects.


•         Drainage Template
•         Fire Fighting Template
•         Mechanical Ducting Template
•         Mechanical Piping Template
•         Water Supply Template

3. BIM Execution Planning – BIM Consultants help to implement the right technology for viewing your future need. They transform the current business process using latest software. The current process is reviewed to ensure that the right BIM technology is implemented for improving overall business processes.


•          Getting Right Software for better functionality
•          Ensuring Expert in Lead Position
•          Creating Well-Defined Plan for BIM execution
•          Establishing In-House Standards & Policies

Choose BIM strategy formulation, template & content creation & BIM execution planning from one of the top BIM service providers and maximize your return on investment.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Quality CAD Drafting Services – A Vital Facet of AEC Industry

CAD Drafting Services are now popular in India, Middle, US and other countries of the world. AEC professionals across the world often look for companies providing legacy paper drawing conversion specific to CAD specifications. Proficient cad services are compliant with prevailing international standards and well-equipped to handle building documentation. CAD platforms such as AutoCAD, MicroStation and others are used for reproducing complete construction document set. Often CAD Shop drawing services include elevations, sections, plans and various other details. Moreover, drawings are generated from red lines, sketches and existing blueprints for projects. 

Quality Process Chart

Let’s now check out in this regard significant cad services for AEC Industry:

Bulk Drawing Conversion - Utility Companies and Manufacturing facilities often require bulk drawing conversion in Paper/ Hard Copy format or in Pdf/ tiff format. CAD service providers help these companies in converting large batches of drawings to specific CAD format in large quantity.

Bulk Drawing Conversion

Indexing & Renaming - Indexing / renaming of all scanned documents & drawings are required for efficient storage and retrieval. CAD drafting service providers create a guide to several documents of client through indexing and get actively involved in creating indexes for record collections that help to quickly find records for specific components. Indexing services often include mechanical equipment, turbine, power unit and lots more.

Indexing & Renaming

Redline Markups – Quality Redline Conversion jobs are also provided to AEC industry with quick turnaround time. Red-line markups are incorporated into CAD drawings for showing corrections during renovation, maintenance and construction of a project. Markups are added when drawings get redrafted from scratch or existing CAD files get updated as per markups, helping CAD users to work with each other seamlessly.

Redline Markups

Scanned drawing/pdf/tiff file to CAD Conversion and Standardization of Drawings are also offered by CAD services in India for architects, contractors, engineers & other professionals. Opt for CAD drafting services and get cost and time savings in construction.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Streamlining BIM Project Communication using Newforma

Streamlining BIM Project Communication using Newforma  
Currently, construction industry is facing challenges for complex and unique projects with multiple services getting involved. The demanding owners want best quality, best finishes, fast execution and lowest operation cost and that too within an aggressive deadline. Consequently, collaborating with multiple stakeholders has become complicated. In this regard, Pinnacle Infotech- the leading BIM ServiceProvider in the world has implemented Newforma for streamlining project communication, facilitating Document Management, Contract Management & Project Information Management

Benefits of Newforma Implementation

·         Centralized Project Document Control - Pinnacle has made centralized file sharing and has successfully evaded the shortcoming of sharing files through email or FTP. Intranet access is easy at the office, but it’s difficult for the team members, staying abroad. Now, there is one project nucleus for sharing all information, even if the team members are separated geographically. So, whether they are in Jeddah (on-site) or they are at their office in India, Newforma software platform  helps to keep all team members centred on one project nucleus for uploading files, downloading transmittals and viewing milestones. The contractors are also able to track submittal registries and RFIs and can see the catalogue of project team members.
·         RFI & Document Management - RFI Logs (All) - Newforma has offered Pinnacle several ways at desk, on web and on mobiles to access, update, assemble and organize information required by the project team. The project team, engineers, consultants and owners are able to quickly review and comment on the online mark up and cross reference the RFI without the need for retaining copies or sending print-outs.
·         Automatic Transmittal Generation - Management of transmittals is difficult for Pinnacle, as multiple contracts need to be tracked for projects. However, by implementing Newforma, it is easier to track how transmittals are getting logged. They can be observed on a timely basis and can be sent back to the right contractors. Moreover, automatic transmittal generation reduces the manual excel work for documentation at day end.
·         Reduction of Manual Errors & Risk Mitigation - Newforma helped to reduce errors like eliminating duplicity of file names, when bulk excel data are incorporated. Moreover, change log is automatically updated so that nobody tampers data in any project activity

Automated Newforma Workflow in Pinnacle Projects Mechanizing BIM

Newforma in BIM Production Workflow of Pinnacle Infotech   
Pinnacle Streamlining BIM Project Operations with Newforma Implementation

Pinnacle has executed Newforma Adaptations across industry verticals with more than 763

Pinnacle projects under Newforma platform - (Approximately 100% of current projects of Pinnacle Infotech are in Newforma). Newforma Project Center (NPC) creates a powerful, productive environment for project managers and project teams, enabling easy organization of project information, exchange of large amount of information with internal and external project team members and running of project processes efficiently. Project Information Management (PIM) application organizes & provides context for information in terms that any AEC activities can relate to & offer a suite of activities that all AECO project team members will find useful.
Direct Time Saving through Automation & Process Time Saving through Automation

Direct ROI – Time Saved from Newforma Implementation in Pinnacle BIM Projects

Result - Pinnacle has streamlined BIM Project Operations with Newforma Software Implementation, saving 11477 Hours from April, 2016 – April, 2017. Pinnacle has executed Newforma Adaptations across industry verticals with 795+ projects under Newforma platform. Moreover, Newforma usage has helped Pinnacle team members to manage 50,426 documents, 3751 RFIs and 18,343 Transmittals.

Pinnacle Case Study – Jeddah Tower using Newforma - Newforma Software Implementation helped in DocumentManagement Automation in Jeddah Tower Project, which is expected to be the leading Sky Scrapper in the world

BIM Scope of Work – Pinnacle’s scope of work for the project included Design Engineering & Validation of MEP Services, Constructability Review, Model Creation MEP, FP, BMS & Coordination – LOD 400, Design Revision and Change Management, Builder’s Work Drawings for MEP, Shop Drawings  for MEP & Fire Protection & BMS - Quantity Take – Off.

Challenges Faced
·         Information Management  due to  Huge Project Volume & Manual method of sending emails & transmittals - 30 min/transmittal, avg. 25 files
·         Transmittal  Management for Maintaining Transmittals & Submittal & Tracking Transmittals
·         RFI Management for Maintaining RFI logs for various trades & stakeholders located across geographies
·         Revision Management & Tracking Emails for Maintaining revision control of Builder's Work & Coordinated Shop Drawings & Tracking emails for decision making and resolving disputes
·         Client transmittals generated automatically through Newforma
·         Shop Drawing register pulled through Newforma

Data Mitigation benefits - Newforma helped to reduce errors like eliminating duplicity of file names, when bulk excel data are incorporated. Moreover, change log is automatically updated so that nobody tampers data in any project activity

 Newforma Software Implementation for Kingdom Tower/Jeddah Tower
Total Construction Area- 464,920 SQ. M
Over 25 Stake Holders across geographies & 400 Newforma users
Drawings & Documents Controlled - 20,000 Approx
 Contract documents - 12,702; Shop drawings – 15,000; other documents – 2,000 

Newforma Contract Management 

Challenges of Maintaining Project Contracts Manually
·         Project contract tracking in excel & docs
·         Varying cost codes for different projects
·         Project contract tracking's in excel
·         Mail communication for change orders & re-tracking communications in excel
·         Errors  encountered in terms of manual & technical aspects while computing
·         Time & team recourses required for tracking & creating reports

Key benefits from Manual to Automated Newforma Contract Management (CRM)
·         One Page CRM dashboard with automatic project contract transmittal creation with key contract terms & conditions
·         Cost Codes a major key to break up  project contract
·         Formal & Change Order invoice tracking progress with auto reports
·         Change Order proposals sending to Estimation team

Manual to Automation: Pinnacle’s workflow objectives
·         Pinnacle CRM Tracking - Tracking variation claims from clients, Tracking progress payments Vs. the claims from Pinnacle’s side (reflections are automatically seen in project contract)
·         Pinnacle CRM Notifications - Notification mails & CO transmittals are sent to concerned person, Newforma Contract dashboard showed overall commitments (Cost codes updated as per requirement)

Future of Newforma - NBIM VEO Collaboration - Newforma implementation helps to simplify BIM adoption by streamlining project operations in public, private as well as government sectors. The next generation will work with cloud technology. With Newforma Project Information Management - Newforma Integrates with BIM to provide effective project solutions & collaborations. The Newforma® Project Information Link allows you to get more out of an investment in BIM by bringing project information management (PIM) capabilities into Autodesk Revit suite of BIM applications. The Newforma® Project Information Link streamlines project information management processes such as room and spatial data management, punch list integration, document control and revision management, resolution of design problems and discoverable design process audit trail. The Newforma add-in integrates with Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure. VEO is a platform for model and information aggregation for all BIM collaborations using Newforma.

NBIM VEO Collaboration

Benefits of Newforma Cloud Collaboration
·         BIM collaboration using NBIM VEO syncing from NPC or NIX
·         Master Presets Creating Views & Creating Tags & Markup
·         VR Capabilities : Adding materials/colors in live review (Style Sets)
·         Delta uploading from Revit
·         Walk Through, Measurement & Sectioning
·         Element selection & getting  FM properties
·         Document Management for facility handover & Operations

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Top BIM Projects of Pinnacle

Ambuja Patna City Center, India

Pinnacle created the 3D BIM Model in LOD 400 for architectural, structural, site utility, site logistics, MEP and fire protection trades for City Centre Patna to meet project objectives. Received NDTV Design & Architecture Award in 2014 for providing BIM services for this project, spread over an area of 982,975 sq.  ft. (Residential – 298,163 sq. ft.  +  Commercial  - 684,812  Sq.ft)  comprising  of  two  residential towers    with  19    Floors    (G+17+Roof+Above Roof)  and  1  commercial  mall  with  14  floors (B+G+12+Roof),  divided  into  5  Blocks  including Clock Tower and Service Block.


Msheireb Downtown Construction, Doha, State of Qatar

A  promising project undertaken by   Pinnacle   Infotech,   Msheireb   Downtown Phase  III    an  innovative  Hub  is  situated  in downtown  Doha,  State  of  Qatar.  The mixed-use township spread approximately on 390,000 sq. m comprises of 14 buildings, which includes a 22-storey hotel building, four basement levels offering parking space to 2,200 vehicles, retail  spaces,  upscale  apartments,  townhouses, mosques,   hotels,   cultural   and   entertainment center among others. The project is part of the world’s first sustainable regeneration of a downtown area in a modern city,    combining    traditional    local    building practices   and   design   influence   with   latest technologies in an energy efficient and environmental management.    150 Engineers, Architects   and   BIM   professionals   (130   In-house+20 Onsite Deputation) have worked on the project.

UMBC PAHB Baltimore

University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s (UMBC) Performing Arts & Humanities Facility (PAHB) is the home to the Earl and Darielle Linehan Concert Hall (PAHB 235), the Proscenium Theatre (PAHB 103), the Dance Cube (PAHB 337), the Black Box Theatre (PAHB 127), the Music Box (PAHB 151) and other venues. Situated on the west side of Hilltop Road in Baltimore, Md., U.S. and adjacent to the existing Fine Arts Building and Engineering and ITE Buildings, the purpose of constructing this single building with four Floors was to develop a new facility with an area of 171,029 GSF, consisting of Phase 1 Building with 89,695 GSF and Phase 2 Building with 81,334 GSF. Designed to be constructed in two phases, PAHB is a natural extension of the campus to the north, creating a strong relationship with the current campus buildings and enhancing the circulation of the campus. Read more on UMBC PAHB Baltimore Case Study.


Are you searching for BIM consulting solutions? Opt for BIM Consultants and get BIM Strategy formulation for enhancing business prospects....