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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Find Text Content Using ‘Wildcard’ in Autocad

The ‘FIND’ command helps a user to find Text / Mtext content. Often, we have to change our existing text content as per project drawing file needs. Often our modeling and design need to be changed as per site requirement and revised engineering concept. Consequently, the BIM information has to be changed. Whenever the textual information needs revision, the ‘FIND and Replace’ command is effective.

We can easily find and replace text with the ‘FIND’ command. Replacement is based only on the text content. However, the text justification, layer and properties should remain unchanged.

While searching for the text in 3D environment, the viewport will be temporarily changed to a 2D viewport, so that the text isn’t blocked by 3D objects in the drawing.

If we use only simple wildcard feature, it can start with a W and single character (If the character place holder is changed, then the logic will be changed for another place holder). In order to select by the build logical wildcard character, the user needs to have clear knowledge on matched place holder of numeric (1,2,3) and alphabetic character (A,B,C), special character (?, “, ‘ etc.)

§  Zoom to Highlighted Result Button

The selected object can be zoomed in the list. The user can also zoom to a result while double-clicking the selected object.

§  Create Selection Set (Highlighted) Button

This helps to create a selection set from the objects that contain the text highlighted on the list of results. All the selected objects must be located either in model space or in a single layout.

§  Create Selection Set (All) Button:

A selection set can be created from all the objects that contain the text on the list of results. The objects must be located either in model space or in single layout.

FIND helps the user to search several wild-card characters. The Definition & Characters are provided in the following:

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Revit BIM Saved Time & Money for Mixed Use Indian Construction

Pinnacle Infotech facilitated Design Optimization, Coordination and Construction Management for the project Ambuja Patna City Center, Patna, Bihar, India. This Mixed Use Residential & Commercial Construction is the first Indian Project to be completely modeled in BIM and Pinnacle received NDTV Design & Architecture Award in 2014 for providing BIM services.

Project Statistics

BIM services Area for this project: 2 Residential Towers comprising of 19 Floors and 1 Commercial Mall comprising of 14 Floors in 5 Blocks

Purpose of Construction:  Set to Exemplify Ambuja Realty’s excellence in transforming a region – to be a Shopper’s Paradise & Entertainment Center with Huge Cineplex, Shopping Amenities & other Attractions

Scope of Work for the Project:
  •     Constructability Review, 3D BIM  Modeling   Creation,  Clash Coordination
  •     Quantity Take-Off (BOQ), BBS (bar bending schedule)
  •     4D Construction Phasing,  Coordinated   drawings  
  •     Shop   drawing   validation   &   approval stamp on GFC
  •     Presentations,  As-built Model Updation & Drawings

How BIM Software facilitated the Project?

  •     Identified & Resolved Constructability Issues before Construction
  •     Created data model to directly align with information required in business
  •     Interactive building models helped client to get better project planning & reduced delay in construction

Pinnacle Client: Ambuja Neotia
Project Location: City Center, Lodipur, Patna, State of Bihar, Near Patna Museum

BIM Implementation work process in Ambuja Patna City Center

a.  Work  Process - Pinnacle’s  in-house  team:

b. Work  Process –Pinnacle team & Consultant and Owner 

Business Outcome for Client:

    $298,5409 (Rs. 201,321,055.92) total cost saved for the construction project
    210   total   man   days   saved   from BIM implementation

Benefits of Using BIM:
  • BIM Coordination has identified Clashes and rose to consultants, which has eventually resulted in Design Revision
  • Identified Civil Design Mismatch with MEP Plan: Saving Disaster during Erection
  • Ensuring Ease of Access: Maintenance Provisions & Facility Management
  • Resisting Code Violation: Soil Pipe in Electrical Room
  • BBS Reinforcement Validation & Design Changes – Saving Cost

Clash Detection through REVIT BIM Implementation

 Constructability Review:

Pinnacle Team Benefits from Revit BIM Implementation:
Revit   helped Pinnacle Team to progress through each project phase from floor setup to structural & MEP clash detection.  Pinnacle reviewed critical areas in 3D for any changes made & evaluated space constraint. BIM services facilitated   design disciplines to collaborate, enhancing   work   efficiency, reducing    errors and improving building performance.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Gear Up for Commercial BIM Adoption in California, USA

Thinking of implementing Building Information modeling for your commercial project in California, USA, but worried about the consequence? Opt for the top BIM service provider in California, USA and finalize your construction project identifying constructability issues.

Now, you must be wondering about the reason for BIM implementation in California, USA? Well, you may use virtual design and construction on your project to supplement coordination among various trades of MEP as well as other project stakeholders.  This will help you understand project complexities and resolve your potential conflict before construction.

Let’s check out the commercial BIM project – Downtown Plaza executed by Pinnacle Infotech – the global leader in providing BIM services in USA:

Project Location - Sacramento, California, USA

Project Area: 114,000 Sq ft

Trades Covered by Pinnacle: Sheet Metal, Mechanical Piping & Plumbing

Scope of Work:
  • Pinnacle created the 3D BIM Model creation of Downtown Plaza with 16 floors, 2 parking levels, roof & penthouse
  •  Shop & spool drawing creation of Mechanical & Plumbing components
Purpose of Construction - Upcoming 2 level mixed-use entertainment & shopping complex

Pinnacle used AutoCAD MEP-2014 & Fabrication CADmep 2017 software applications for this project to complete the models successfully.

  •     BIM Start Date: March, 2016
  •     BIM End Date: January, 2017
  •     Pinnacle Team Size: 5 Engineers

Pinnacle could successfully add value to the project by rerouting pipe, duct & piping layout for reducing fittings and cost and for coordination with various trades including architecture, structure and MEP. Maximize return on investment from BIM modeling services in California, USA and create value for your AEC firm by saving construction cost.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

BIM Modeling Companies in Switzerland Catering Construction Industry Verticals

Are you searching for BIM Modelling companies in Switzerland? Hire BIM Modelling service provider that can provide you comprehensive BIM services for your construction needs. Whether you want BIM services for architects, structural engineers, MEP design firms, MEP contractors, general contractors, concrete contractors, drywall contractors, fire protection contractor or home builders, competent BIM services can resolve your potential construction issues. You can get BIM companies in various locations of Europe like Deutschland, Austria, Oestreich, der Schweiz and Spain who can assist construction professionals in developing designs through various stages of design evolution including concept, schematic, detailed and construction documentation through 3D BIM modeling. 

Let’s check out a few BIM solutions for industry verticals:

§  Architects – International projects have carved out a niche for many BIM Modelling companies in Austria. Their projects range from commercial complex, hospital, research center, retail store, high rise building, hotel, airport as well as community buildings, water distribution, sewage treatment plant and industrial set-ups.

loading image

§  Structural Engineers –In Ostreich, several BIM Modelling companies provide cost effective solutions for Structural Engineers. They specialize in the virtual construction of 3D BIM models using a range of inputs. During 3D BIM modeling, the design gets validated for constructability, performance as well as maintenance of steel, wood, and concrete structures. The BIM services of these companies comply with international codes and structural standards as applicable for projects.

 loading image

§  General Contractors – You can also get cost effective BIM services for general contractors  in various locations of Spain. The BIM companies help the contractors perform quick BIM presentation for bidding and delivering 3D models. The virtual construction is used to generate shop drawings and address design issues before construction. Often the BIM service providers are platform independent and work on major software applications including Revit, AutoCAD MEP & Navisworks.

 loading image

Hire one of the best BIM Modelling Companies in Germany and get comprehensive BIM services including 3D Modeling & Visualization, 4D Construction Simulations, Constructability Review, Laser Scan/ Point Cloud Data, As-Built Drawing preparation and quantity-take off.

Find Text Content Using ‘Wildcard’ in Autocad

The ‘FIND’ command helps a user to find Text / Mtext content. Often, we have to change our existing text content as per project drawin...