Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Innovate Construction with Transcon’s BIM Services

If you are looking for BIM Services in Europe for construction, choose Transcon International! You can get complete control of your construction projects from this one of the best BIM Modelling Companies in Switzerland. Transcon in partnership with Pinnacle Infotech facilitates project collaboration, risk mitigation and cost estimate. Pinnacle engineers work with 3D to 5D BIM for executing BIM projects in Switzerland. 

Comprehensive BIM Services in Switzerland - Whether you want 3D BIM modeling & visualization, Clash Coordination, BOQ, Shop Drawings, Marketing BIM Presentation, Model Conversion from Laser Scan, Facility Management, 4D Construction Simulations, Transcon provides end-to-end BIM Services in Switzerland for various industry verticals. Be it BIM service in Switzerland for Architects, MEP Design Firms, Structural Engineers, MEP Contractors, Concrete Contractors or Fire Protection Contractors, Transcon partner Pinnacle is the leading BIM service provider in the world.

BIM Work Process at Transcon-Pinnacle - Major software applications are used by Transcon Partner Pinnacle like Revit Software Suite, Bentley, Ecotect Analysis, AutoCAD MEP, Navisworks, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Bluebeam & Newforma to resolve construction issues through BIM. Virtual construction of 3d BIM models takes place with a wide array of inputs including contract documents, specification sheets, design documents as well as hand sketches. BIM team produces the final model after resolving every kind of potential construction issue by raising RFIs and consulting with project consultants. Design development assistance is provided by the team through different stages of design evolution such as concept & schematic design, detailed design & construction documentation through 3D BIM Modeling. Moreover, you can get interior design for new construction and renovation. Level of Detailing (LOD) 100 to 500 is used as per international codes for detailed model creation.

Opt for Transcon’s BIM Services and innovate your construction workflow. If you want to get BIM info, check out BIM Services from Pinnacle Infotech.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pinnacle Infotech to discuss High Definition Data Capture at Fall 2016 BIMForum Atlanta Georgia

Do you want to get high definition data capture through BIM?  

Come to Fall 2016 BIMForum Atlanta, Georgia, USA on October 17-19 and know about Pinnacle’s Point Cloud to BIM Services. 

Pinnacle will discuss about how the team members capture detailed info about an element in physical space, allowing accurate modeling, coordination and quantity takeoff?

Visit Pinnacle’s Booth No.509 from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm at Hyatt Regency - 265 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 to know how Pinnacle is executingLaser Scan to BIM Conversion in Revit for renovation and extensionprojects?

Pinnacle will talk about the Benefits & Deliverables of BIM Point Cloud:

Advantages of BIM Point Cloud Services:

  • 3D scanning facilitates different stages of construction
  • 3D model creation for renovation & extension from scan data
  •  Construction scan to BIM Model provides improved platform for design work
  • As Built Drawing Preparation for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet
  •  Improving transparency & streamliningcommunication with 3D visualization
  •  Eliminating RFIs & rework by checking accuracy & completeness of 3D Model from scan data
  • Saving of time and money as no need to visit site constantly

Deliverables from Point Cloud to BIM

  • 3D BIM Model Creation at LOD 400 Level
  • As Built Drawing Preparation from Point Cloud
  • Construction Scheduling with 4D BIM
  •  Facility Management / COBie data for individual element

Grab the opportunity to know about Pinnacle’s Point Cloud to BIM Work Process that includes Input Requirement for BIM Modeling, Drawing, RFIs, Software Applications, Quality Checking and interact with:

  • Mr. Scott Pittman - Vice President, Pinnacle Infotech, USA
  • Mr. Sarvesh Kekatpure - Senior Manager, Business Development & Operations

Monday, 19 September 2016

Do you think BIM Services are Revolutionizing Construction Sector in the Middle East?

Building Information Modeling is playing a significant role in construction sector all over the globe. Middle East is not the exception in this regard! Now, are you shying away from BIM implementation for construction projects in the Middle East? Are you perplexed about whether to opt for BIM services or not? If you are getting stuck to adopt BIM, you can check out on this blog how Pinnacle Infotech is streamlining construction projects in the Middle East with BIM solution. 

Ø  Mixed Use Construction in  Qatar – Pinnacle has executed 3D modeling of various mixed use construction projects in Doha, Qatar and has transformed and regenerated downtown construction into a thriving community for living, working and playing. Moreover, the BIM services in Qatar offered by Pinnacle have created new design languages to demonstrate Qatar’s architecture, aiming at building sustainable and innovative communities within Doha. Pinnacle’s scope of work for this mixed used construction in Qatar included 3D Modeling, MEP Coordination, RFI Order Update, Shop Drawing Creation, Quantity Take-off & As-Built Updation.

Value Addition:
§  Validated design for Constructability - Updated Duct Shape through Duct Design tool
§  Resolved discrepancies on space availabilities to install MEP Services
§  Provided Proposed Solution for RC Wall Cutouts
§  Calculated Actual Duct flow for each duct by using FCU's Total Air Flow rate

Ø  Residential  Construction in UAE –  Pinnacle has also undertaken 3d Modeling for several residential projects in Dubai, UAE to make home for people living in apartments and offices. Pinnacle’s scope of work for this residential construction pertaining to BIM services in UAE included Schematic & Tender Drawing Creation and Architectural & Structural BIM Model Creation.

Value Addition:
§  Drawing correction/Constructability reviews
§  Schematic & Tender Drawing preparation
§  Model preparation for Towers
Hence, there is no doubt that BIM services are transforming the construction sector in the Middle East. So, why are you waiting for? Choose BIM Services for construction projects and enhance business prospects. Whether you are looking for BIM services in Kuwait, Qatar or UAE, Pinnacle is the one-stop solution for all.  Hire Pinnacle’s BIM services and resolve conflict and rework for your construction project. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Get Creative Planning through Architectural BIM Services

Want to have creative planning through BIM? Seek BIM Services for Architects for design development, coordination, energy analysis, virtual mockup, visualization, content development and CD set creation.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Innovate Construction with BIM Services

Looking for BIM engineering solutions to get real value for your construction? Get comprehensive BIM services from Pinnacle Infotech and save construction cost by avoiding errors at design stage. Building Information Modeling innovates construction through the implementation of advanced technologies and enhances your construction workflow and quality of building design. Competent BIM engineering services  include 3d Visualization, 3D Modeling, Clash Coordination, 3D BIM Marketing Presentation, 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services, 4d Construction Simulation and Revit Family Content Creation for analyzing building performance.

Let’s check out their benefits of BIM services in this regard:

Ø  3D Visualization – Starting from abstract to photo realistic visualization, 3D BIM visualization ensures a design vision, before construction. 3Ds Max and Revit are used to make BIM models with professional animation and rendered images, including realistic texture with artificial lighting.

Ø  3D Modeling – Coordinated 3D models can check possible interference among building systems and offer better project planning. The models eliminate major system conflicts before installation.

Ø  Clash Coordination – Clashes are resolved among architectural, structural, MEP, fire protection, concrete and other trades by sharing 3D clash Navis viewpoints. Utilities are re-routed, elevations are changed and elements are re-sized for resolving clashes. 

Ø  Marketing Presentation – Bids are secured through 3D BIM Marketing Presentation of high quality rendered images, 4D Construction Simulation, Site Logistics and Walkthrough Animations. BIM is used in an innovative way for making an effective project representation, winning competitive bids. 

Ø  Laser Scan Point Cloud Services – Accurate 3D models are created for renovation and extension work from scan data, allowing reliability and quality assurance. Construction scan to BIM Model offers better platform for detailed design work. As Built Drawings are often prepared for Plan, Elevation as well as Section Sheet for various trades.

So, why are you waiting for? 
Contact one of the leading BIM service providers and find your BIM flavor.

Thursday, 18 August 2016