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Monday, 15 January 2018

CAD Conversion Services for AEC Industry

Quality CAD Conversion services are much in demand today. CAD drafting service providers help to convert paper, PDF as well as scanned drawings into editable and accurate CAD drawings. CAD specialists re-draft all necessary conversions in CAD. They have practical expertise for understanding and converting drawings from various fields including architecture, engineering and construction. A wide array of software platforms are used like AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, Navisworks, MicroStation, 3DS Max and more for generating and delivering CAD conversion output drawings in various formats like .dwg, .dwf, .acis and more. The drawings offer high-level quality and accuracy in output.

Let’s take a look at a few CAD Conversion services for various industries:
·         Conversion from Image to CAD Conversion – The image conversion helps to form accurate and un-broken CAD entities. All sketches are redrafted in drawing format to accurate CAD drawings. The conversions also include 2d - 3d conversions.
·         Conversion from Paper to CAD – CAD drafters also help to convert paper/blue print drawings to accurate CAD drawings by scanning and converting to CAD through manual re-drafting.
·         Conversion from PDF to CAD– This involves a complete re-drafting of PDF drawings.  PDF to AutoCAD conversions include accurate dimensions with perfect CAD elements like circles, lines, text, arcs and more.
·         Conversion from Raster to Vector – Raster to vector tools offer imperfect data whereas re-drafting of raster drawings in CAD offers accurate CAD drawings.
Get a seamless blend of editing & conversion with a proficient CAD Conversion service provider. Choose the right one for converting every type of architectural, engineering and construction drawings to your desired format.

Monday, 1 January 2018

MEP BIM Services Maximizing Efficiency for Construction

MEP BIM Services facilitate consultants, engineers, design firms and manufacturers to maximize efficiency for construction. Implementing BIM helps to deploy safest path for integrating construction process. Virtual design and construction solutions are often delivered for MEP design and validation from a wide array of inputs like contract & design documents, coordination drawings, equipment submittal and specification sheets.

MEP Models can be prepared as per international standards of building construction. Choosing an expert MEP service provider enables construction firms as well as MEP contractors to install MEP systems with strategic planning for sustainability requirement of the project.

Let’s check out a few MEP BIM Services:
•         3D model creation for MEP layout
•         3D model creation from point could data
•         Preparation of Shop Drawings & Spool Drawings
•         MEP Design Coordination
•         Clash Identification & Resolution
•         As-Built Drawings
•         Quantity take-off & BOMs

Get in touch with the best MEP BIM service provider and meet the demand of MEP system design and installation. Whether you are from retail, oil and gas, education, healthcare or any other industry, BIM experts can support all for constructing virtual 3D models. So, build up rapport with a proficient BIM service provider and get design support for your MEP needs.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Monitor Construction Activity Schedule with 4D BIM Sequencing

4D BIM construction sequencing is a valuable resource for developing a project plan on a construction site. The construction sequencing occurs after building coordination & constructability reviews and simultaneously with 5D model-based cost estimation. 4d bim helps to strategize an overall construction of a building by helping various stakeholders. 
Advantages of 4D BIM Construction Sequencing:
·         Illustrates spatial complexity of a project
·         Helps project team to assess results in “what if” scenario & simulation
·         Allows stakeholders to understand the process of schedule preparation & execution
·         Offers critical info to project stakeholders for planning & conducting analysis
·         Provides clear picture of phased project schedule, showing critical path
·         Allows dynamic occupancy phasing plans, offering multiple solutions to resolve space conflicts
·         Incorporates manpower, equipment & material resource planning via BIM model for making accurate project schedule & cost estimate
·         Identifies productivity rate, potential space, workspace conflicts, resolving issues prior to construction
·         Detects schedule, sequencing & phasing issues, identifying potential safety hazards
·         Analyzes & validates safety measures

Consequences of 4D Construction Simulation:
·         Constructible & handy project
·         Greater analysis before construction
·         Accuracy of project schedule & phased occupancy planning
·         Improved resource & project cost management
·         Easy material procurement
·         Enhanced productivity & reduced wastage on job site
·         Higher level safety in a construction environment
Opt for 4D BIM sequencing and enjoy manifold advantages.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Bridge Communication Seamlessly through BIM Marketing Presentation

BIM is building design, construction and management characterized by availability of accurate, consistent and reliable building info. The technology lets project team in visualizing, simulating and analyzing projects prior to construction. 

Weighing Up the Advantages of BIM Marketing Presentation:

·         Intelligent Model Creation using Parameters like characters, numbers
·         Design Criteria captured during modeling
·         Project Delivery Comparison – Traditional Vs. BIM
·         Stakeholders work independently in silos & work together from a shared project model
·         Construction Planning – Anticipate & fix potential conflicts & field coordination
·         Prefabrication of large assemblies including assembly of ductwork, pipe, HVAC equipment, wall panels and more 

Adopt ‘BIM Marketing Presentation’ & get better communication with clients, improved project outcome, increased construction productivity and enhanced project quality & facility lifecycle management.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How Fire Protection Trade is Getting Benefited from BIM?

Construction project stakeholders can access valuable info instantly about building model from BIM. This is simply because BIM makes it helpful for the designers to build an intelligent environment. Nevertheless, the limitation for creating such a BIM model is that it is created as per the info and input fed in the model by the design support team. In that case if a user looks for a specific system component, the model can offer significant info such as the model, make, cost, serial number & so on.

Nowadays, spatial coordination has become a standard practice which has posed challenges for the trades that are not modeling their work. Consequently, fire protection contractors are becoming cautious to implement BIM that works in clash-detection programs like Autodesk Navisworks & more. Moreover, use of BIM helps to embrace fire alarm control panels, smoke detectors and other elements, comprising of a complete fire protection package.

BIM Benefits in Fire Protection Trade:
·         Well-established BIM can offer user with necessary info, while selecting a fire pump
·         Flow, pressure and performance curve can be identified
·         Pump motor  information like horsepower, service, voltage and more can be obtained
·         Maintenance and part replacement info can be known

Advantages of BIM in Design & Construction:
·         Installers are able to change info while installing components
·         Field technicians can take snaps of the motors & pump nameplates during installation
·          Nameplate photographs can be associated with specific pump or motor
·          Building engineers & maintenance staff can access the info without leaving the site 

Say ‘yes’ to BIM integrated Fire Protection System to review building management system events. You can also resolve an issue as a first order troubleshooting measure. So, implement BIM in fire protection trade and evaluate systems inside buildings conveniently.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

UK Construction Industry Gearing Up for BIM Adoption

BIM Service providers are already on the international mapping for delivering BIM services to clients across the globe and UK construction industry is not an exception in this regard. BIM has penetrated the UK construction market for providing comprehensive BIM solutions to the construction professionals. 

Multifaceted BIM Service providers are offering the competent BIM services in the UK construction sector for various segments such as:
  • Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Design Firms
  • General, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Concrete & Fire-Protection & Drywall Contractors
  • Home Builders, Retailers, Developers, Construction Companies
Since, the UK Government has made it mandatory to implement BIM for construction; BIM service providers are offering a competitive advantage to the UK construction arena. Engineers working with 3D to 6D BIM can easily facilitate project coordination, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning and cost estimate. 

COBie process is followed for managing facility assets and streamlining process for wastage elimination and enhancing productivity. International BIM standards such as PAS1192/BS1192 are followed by the BIM companies in UK to support the achievement of BIM maturity Level 2. Moreover, different design options are simulated and analyzed for choosing the most efficient solution. Software applications like AutoCAD, Revit, Autodesk Fabrication, Navisworks, Bentley and Solidworks are used for design and construction solution.

BIM Service providers are following a route-map for making BIM an essential part of the business environment of the UK construction sector. Check out the key BIM services in UK offered by a leading global BIM Service Provider such as 3D Model Creation, MEP Coordination, Shop Drawing & 4d Animation. Core BIM engineering services are also facilitating constructability review, design validation and value engineering.
Get in touch with the proficient BIM service provides in the UK and know the right process of aligning with your expectations, mapping utilities and infrastructure for construction.

CAD Conversion Services for AEC Industry

Quality CAD Conversion services are much in demand today. CAD drafting service providers help to convert paper, PDF as well as scanned dr...