Monday, 22 August 2016

Innovate Construction with BIM Services

Looking for BIM engineering solutions to get real value for your construction? Get comprehensive BIM services from Pinnacle Infotech and save construction cost by avoiding errors at design stage. Building Information Modeling innovates construction through the implementation of advanced technologies and enhances your construction workflow and quality of building design. Competent BIM engineering services  include 3d Visualization, 3D Modeling, Clash Coordination, 3D BIM Marketing Presentation, 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services, 4d Construction Simulation and Revit Family Content Creation for analyzing building performance.

Let’s check out their benefits of BIM services in this regard:

Ø  3D Visualization – Starting from abstract to photo realistic visualization, 3D BIM visualization ensures a design vision, before construction. 3Ds Max and Revit are used to make BIM models with professional animation and rendered images, including realistic texture with artificial lighting.

Ø  3D Modeling – Coordinated 3D models can check possible interference among building systems and offer better project planning. The models eliminate major system conflicts before installation.

Ø  Clash Coordination – Clashes are resolved among architectural, structural, MEP, fire protection, concrete and other trades by sharing 3D clash Navis viewpoints. Utilities are re-routed, elevations are changed and elements are re-sized for resolving clashes. 

Ø  Marketing Presentation – Bids are secured through 3D BIM Marketing Presentation of high quality rendered images, 4D Construction Simulation, Site Logistics and Walkthrough Animations. BIM is used in an innovative way for making an effective project representation, winning competitive bids. 

Ø  Laser Scan Point Cloud Services – Accurate 3D models are created for renovation and extension work from scan data, allowing reliability and quality assurance. Construction scan to BIM Model offers better platform for detailed design work. As Built Drawings are often prepared for Plan, Elevation as well as Section Sheet for various trades.

So, why are you waiting for? 
Contact one of the leading BIM service providers and find your BIM flavor.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Opt for 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services for Renovation & Extension Work

Are you looking for 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud services for your Central Plant, Pier Structure, Bag House Building, Power Plant, Airport, Residential Building or Commercial construction? 

There is nothing to fret over! Appoint one of the best BIM service providers and use point clouds for various purposes, including 3D Model & Coordination, As-Built Drawing Preparation, 4d BIM Bill of Materials, Quality Inspection for Cost Estimate & Scheduling and for a multitude of 3D BIM Visualization, Animation and Rendering. 

Let’s check out the a few deliverables from Point Cloud to BIM Services:

§  3D BIM Model Creation  - You can get 3D BIM Model Creation at LOD 400 for Architectural, Structural and MEP Services based on Cloud Scan Data used for Renovation & Extension Work.  The models help to improve transparency and streamline communication for making quick decision during the As-Built Phase. Quality Revit models ensure that all the Revit components are built intelligently with the practicality for serving the purpose.

§  As Built Drawing Preparation – As-Built drawings are also prepared from Point Cloud for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet for Architectural, Structural & MEP services. They serve as a comprehensive reference tool to facilitate future project planning such as extension, renovation as well as redevelopment from point cloud data. All details pertaining to building dimensions, fabrication, erection, elevation, materials and location can be easily obtained from As-Built drawings and so they can be used for resolving disputes with regard to insurance claims.   

§  Construction Scheduling using 4D BIM – The construction schedule or sequencing of your project can be easily linked to the BIM model from point cloud scanned data. Real time simulation of the 4d construction sequence Is often shown in Navisworks Time Line or as an animation video format. Throughout the project, the Planned and Actual construction schedule can be compared. You can correlate model objects and scheduled tasks when the project plan is established in visual simulation.

§  BIM facility management system – You can also organize approved electronic submittals from point cloud scanned data through BIM facility management system. Complete contact records of projects are managed including accurate data for essential fields. The BIM files, drawings as well as the PDFs are organized for getting easily accessed through secured server directories.
Choose 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud BIM Services  and save time and money for construction project.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Top Three BIM Services for General Contractors

Are you searching for Building Information Modeling services for general contractors? Choose a leading BIM service provider and get virtual construction of 3D models with a wide array of inputs like contract and design documents, specification sheet and equipment submittals. As a general contractor, you can perform bidding presentation from Building Information Modeling and can get 3D Models. Moreover, you can produce accurate shop drawings and can successfully address design issues before the beginning of construction.

Let’s check out the top three Building Information Modeling services for general contractors:

§  3D BIM Visualization -  BIM service providers produce the models and validate them with the latest RFI responses, bulletins and construction documents. 3D Modeling helps general contractors to review design elements with regard to other building systems. Besides, you can identify errors in the early construction stage through 3D BIM visualization. 3D visualization helps you to understand the spatial interrelationship of a project and photo-realistic visualization enables you to sell projects effectively by communicating the benefits of plans in a better way.

§  Construction Document Management -  If you want to perfect your plans, opt for BIM Document Management System. Document management tools help to manage the flow of information amongst various project participants efficiently. Building Information Modeling facilitates information sharing and tracks all project info through it. BIM service providers use BIM 360™ Field construction management software and combines mobile technologies with cloud for on-site construction management. This helps in managing various field processes like safety, quality, commissioning checklist and distribution of plans and drawings.

§  BIM facility management system -  You could also opt for BIM facility management system to get detailed info about the facility management like wear & tear, warranty, make, cost and other product specifications. This helps to manage contact records of projects, update As-Built Models, facilitate trouble shooting through information sharing and allow simulation through design analysis during project renovation and upgrade.

Appoint the leading BIM service provider and enable improved & precise budgeting for future maintenance.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pinnacle executed 3D BIM Modeling for Salalah International Airport

Pinnacle executed the 3D BIM modeling and coordination for the Air Traffic Management Building (ATM) block and the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) block of the Salalah International Airport in Oman, situated on Salalah coastal plain – 5.5 kms northeast of Salalah city centre.

The purpose of expansion and modernization of the airport is for successful handling of 10 million passengers.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Is it necessary to opt for 3D BIM Visualization for Construction Project in Middle East?

Do you want to verify design for construction? Opt for 3D BIM visualization to ensure that the architectural design meets your client’s expectations through virtual mockup of building components. A detailed 360 degree view of the proposed building, through 3D renderings and walkthroughs helps to visualize the construction before it is built. So what do you think – is it necessary to choose 3D Modeling and Visualization for your construction project? Let’s find out the answer from this blog:

§  Reviewing design elements - 3D BIM Visualization facilitates reviewing design elements with respect to other building systems. Besides, it lets all the stakeholders involved in the project to share design effectively and identify errors in the early construction stage.

§  Streamlining coordination - Moreover, if you want to streamline coordination, opting for 3D BIM Visualization in Middle East will help you to make quick decisions during design and pre-construction phase. Consequently, you can execute your construction project smoothly.

§  Communicating the benefits of plans –  3D visualization helps potential buyers to understand spatial interrelations of a project in a better way. It sells projects effectively, by communicating the benefits of plan, eliminating communication uncertainties. Besides, it saves time and money for your business that was wasted earlier through reworking on design.

§  Saving time for documentation – Detailed plans, sections and elevations of building components are shown in 3D BIM to save time for documentation. The integrated Accurender and Radiosity engines make use of the same materials and save time for producing 3D visualization.

Search for the leading BIM service provider in Middle East and get accurate and coordinated models through 3D visualization. Envisaging the project before the beginning of construction will help you to save time and make the right planning by resolving all construction issues. Get photo realistic visualization through 3D visualization and ensure a design vision, before the beginning of construction.

Monday, 9 May 2016

BIM Consulting Services in United Arab Emirates - Reducing Business Cost



Ø 3D visualization of the building spaces
 Ø Improved constructability analysis
Ø Detection and resolution of component clashes
Ø Quick Quantity Estimates/Material take-offs
Ø Easy implementation of changes
Ø Exploration of design options during the conceptual stage
Ø  Facilities management throughout the building lifespan

Step 1: BIM Strategy Formulation - Enhancing Business Prospect



Ø Cost to BenefitRatio of BIM Strategy Implementation
Ø Acquisition & Incorporation of New Software within Existing Systems
Ø Incorporation of BIM Principles into Existing Work Procedures

Step 2: BIM Templates & Content Creation – A Cost-effective method of content creation



Ø Transforming products and systems into fully parametric BIM objects using Revit
Ø Making products readily available to designers
Ø Implementing quick design change
Ø Facilitating easy scheduling
Ø Creating different views Aiding pre-fabrication and marketing
Ø Offering accuracy with regard to quantity, specification and coordination

Step 3: BIM Execution Planning - Manages Project Delivery with BIM



Ø Implements Right Software Package
Ø Ensures expert in lead position
Ø Creates well-defined BIM Execution Plans
Ø Establishes In-house Standards & Policies



Ø Creates the most befitting BIM organization chart
Ø Reviews the technical & practical experience of candidates before getting them on-board
Ø Ensures the success of the project team

Step 5: IT Infrastructure Planning - Controlling & Guiding the Current & Future Needs



Ø Increases project clarity to stakeholders
Ø Ensures data fidelity & continuity across project life-cycle
Ø Provides critical foundation for business agility